2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

YAM it up!

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I first experienced the work of Jeffrey Davis six years ago (WOW, 2006 was six years ago) at a weekend workshop at Dharma Yoga, my most cherished yoga space in my former hometown, Austin. I’ve also participated in two of his Yoga as Muse retreats (first in Taos in 2007 and then in the Hudson River Valley of upstate NY in 2008). Throughout the years, I’ve sought his services as a writing coach and editor. He helped me cope with my Palinsanity in 2009 and has given me scads of wonderfully compassionate, critical feedback on a book project that will someday (soon!?!) be resurrected.

So, why mix yoga and creativity? The creative mind is embodied in our physical human form. By moving our bodies in particular ways, and thereby gaining heightened body awareness, we also gain self-knowledge. This is a continual, lifelong process as our bodies and minds are in constant flux. By moving into a specific, linked, flowing series of yoga poses (specially-designed Yoga As Muse sequences), we can stimulate our creative minds and bring intention and inspiration to the generation of new ideas—written, visual and musical.

YAM practice invites us to play with new movements and new ways of breathing and a new way of creative expresssion.

Last year,  I completed the intensely challenging and rewarding Yoga as Muse Facilitator training with Jeff, along with four fellow TRIBE-mates. If you’re a yoga teacher and an artist, writer, musician and/or generally creative type — think about joining our wild TRIBE. Get the details on the 2012 training. And apply soon – training begins in May and there are early bird savings if you register by February 1 or March 15!

2 responses to “YAM it up!”

  1. Hi Michelle, wonderful post and I love your new blog design!

    Just wondering, is http://www.yogafreedom.com still active? I get a page not found error when I click the link, or type it into my browser.

    d. xxoo

  2. Thanks, Dawn! I just redesigned the site last weekend, so I’m not surprised that there are some glitches. Try using this link: http://yogafreedom.tumblr.com. Talk to you soon!

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