how to reverb

“Reverb11” is a month-long daily writing practice with prompts each day. I participated last year thanks to my writing coach, Jeffrey Davis. About 1,000 writers “reverbed” when blogger Gwen Bell created the Reverb project in December 2009. Over 6,000 participated last year.

Reverb is a means of reflection on the year that has passed and looking forward to the coming year. It provides us with an opportunity to celebrate life and mourn losses together.

We will offer 31 prompts for the month of December. Each of those prompts will be posted right here (and hopefully on many other blogs as well!) starting mañana, December 1st. Join us! You don’t have to write a novel, or even a poem. There are no rules about word count. Challenge yourself to publish on the topic each day. Post your link in the comments section. (You can shorten it using for ease of sharing on social networks). Use the hash tag #reverb11 if you’re on Twitter.

The key is to support one another through sharing, and commenting on, one another’s writing.

That’s where the YAM TRIBE and Elephant Yoga Community come in handy. (More details on both of those as the month progresses…)

Below are some buttons you can use to share with your readers that you are Reverbing with YAM in 2011! Stay tuned throughout the month for each daily prompt, as well as lots of great inspiration from the community that we create.

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