The Flexitarian Manifesto: 5 Rules for Mindful Consumption

1. You are not only what you eat, you’re HOW you eat.

So, eat with mindfulness. With gratitude. Slow down. Taste. Savor. Appreciate more. Drink with mindfulness. Listen with mindfulness. Read with mindfulness. Soul food. Belly food. Brain food.

2. Let us not be so concerned with labels.

Are you a vegan? A meat lover? A vegetarian? A lacto-ovo-pescatarian? A raw foodist? All of the above? None? The Flexitarian might be all of the above, or some, or none. Point is, everything is on a continuum and labels serve to separate rather than unite.

3. Be flexible

Flexitarians eat and consume from a variety of sources. Though we strive to be world peacemakers and conscious beings who do not harm our environment or others or ourselves, we may occasionally eat fattening but delicious pizza and indulge in an ice cream cone without apology.

4. Aim for simplicity

Consumerism is overrated. Minimize possessions. Streamline obligations and commitments. Simplify your life.

5. What goes in will come out

What we put into our bodies and minds will come out the other end, as it were. Digestion and creative processes.

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