2010–2023 Writings
by Michelle Margaret Fajkus

Tibetan Buddhist Metta Meditation

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Sit comfortably. Gradually deepen your breath.

Feel your connection to the earth (human nature) and to the sky (the divine) by lifting the crown of your head and lengthening your spine while relaxing your arms, shoulders and legs.

Close your eyes and visualize the face a special teacher, mentor or friend. Do not concern yourself with whom to visualize. It could be anyone from Jesus to your kindergarten teacher. Hold their image in your mind as clearly as possible and repeat silently,

“May you be safe… May you be healthy… May you be happy… May you live with ease,” pausing after each phrase.

Next, visualize yourself and repeat the same phrases. Third, visualize someone you are relatively indifferent towards, perhaps someone you just met or a casual acquaintaince. Again, repeat the phrases. Notice what emotions and thoughts come up as you visualize each person and mentally repeat the mantras. Finally, visualize the face of an “enemy,” someone you dislike or have issues with. Repeat the phrases, “May you be safe… healthy… happy… at ease.”

Then, imagine a warm, glowing light which represents your metta, or lovingkindness filling your body. See the light expand to fill the room, the house, the city, state and country. See it expand across the oceans until it is surrounding the entire Earth and seeping out across the universe. After you are done with this, release all visual images and sit quietly for a few moments, just relaxing and feeling the compassion that resides deep within your heart.


5 responses to “Tibetan Buddhist Metta Meditation”

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  2. 1foreverstudent

    Excellent meditation! Thanks for posting.

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